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How to Select the Right Reagent Test Kit

Posted by Mad Scientist on

Mandelin, Marquis, Mecke and Liebermann reagent test kits

With so many reagent test kits to choose from, it can often times become confusing as to which reagent to buy for your substance! Let's take a look at how you decide on which tests you should purchase for testing your drugs. 

Selecting reagents would depend on three factors:

  • Number and type of substances needed to be tested
  • Desired precision of the test result
  • The primary and secondary reagents for the drug to be tested

    As a thumb rule, testing a particular substance with more than one reagent makes the test results more accurate, as different test kits help to identify and rule out various substances. 

    It's also important to note that some reagents are much wider and versatile in scope like the Marquis reagent test kit and they can be useful to test many drugs; as opposed to some reagents which are useful mostly for a few types of drugs. Ehrlich and Hofmann reagents are examples of this. Both of these reagent test kits are mainly only for LSD and DMT. 

    So, if someone would buy a Marquis reagent test kit, they would be able to test a variety of drugs like MDMA, Mephedrone, Cocaine, LSD, DMT, 2C-B, and more. However, do note that additional reagents would be required to test these substances to reach a conclusive test result. 

    Based on this we can say if you need to test a number of drugs, buying the Marquis reagent should be important because of its versatility.

    Number and type of substances needed to test

    Generally speaking, the more the number of drugs that need to be tested, would require you to purchase more reagents. But this isn't always the case as some reagents are common across substances. Example, if you need to test MDMA and 2C-B, buying the same reagents would suffice both purposes. Marquis and Mecke reagents are required for both the drugs. 

    However, for some substances, one would need more reagents. Example, if you were to test MDMA and Cocaine, you would also need the Liebermann reagent as that's the primary reagent for testing Cocaine along with Marquis and Mecke as well. Three reagents would be good for two substances for a conclusive test. 

    Regarding the type of substance - some types have the same reagent requirements. So, for MDMA, 2C-B, Meth and Amphetamine, buying the Marquis and Mecke reagents would serve all 3 purposes.

    Desired precision of the test result

    For more accurate testing it's recommended to use more than one reagent. MDMA can be tested with just Marquis reagent as well, but that'll only be able to tell you that the substance sample contains MDMA or one of the analogues like 6-ABP, 5-MAPB, etc. 

    Testing with the Mecke reagent would also tell you that the sample contains MDMA/MDA, leading to rule out many analogues and a greater precision. Therefore, if you desire a higher precision and a more accurate result it's highly recommended to buy more than one reagent. 

    MDMA Reagent Colour Reaction Chart

    Same is the case with other substances like 2C-B, Meth, Cocaine, etc.

    The primary and secondary reagents for the drug to be tested

    Reagents are of two types - primary and secondary. The Primary reagent is the main reagent to detect the expected/desired drug. Example, for MDMA, Marquis is a primary reagent as it helps to identify MDMA. 

    Secondary reagents are helpful additional reagents to rule out certain undesired substances from the sample. Example - Mecke is a secondary reagent for Cocaine because it can identify adulterants like Lidocaine and Cathinones in a sample of Cocaine. 

    Therefore, if you must rule out certain undesired substances from the sample, you must purchase secondary reagents too. For greater accuracy in determining the substance at hand we recommend buying secondary reagents in addition to the primary one. 

    This is why our substance reagent test kits contain more than one reagent, like in the case of the Cocaine reagent test kit and Ketamine reagent test kit. Both products have 3 reagents each in them. 

    Reagents by substances

    MDMA  Marquis and Mecke
    LSD Ehrlich, Hofmann and Marquis

    Liebermann, Marquis and Mecke


    Mandelin, Liebermann and Mecke


    Ehrlich, Hofmann and Marquis


    Marquis and Mecke


    Marquis and Mecke


    As you can see from the table above, Marquis reagent is useful in testing 6 drugs.


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