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About Us

Our Story

Dope Test Kit's vision is to make drug checking kits freely available domestically in India, at an unbeatable price. Since we're the only store offering drug testing kits here, we have ensured seamless & fast delivery of kits and a well-stocked local inventory, so that users don't have to wait long to meet their harm reduction needs.

We offer you a price match guarantee, as our kits are priced low and the only ones available domestically. These kits also cost half the price of the imported ones.

Our quick shipping time, domestic customer support and flexibility has gained the trust of our customers, and the same can be seen in our product reviews!

With this we hope to achieve the goal of availability and accessibility of kits – a necessity, not a luxury!

There's an urgent need for users to adopt harm reduction practices including drug testing. There's lack of awareness and lack of testing kit products in India, and it's our vision to fill these gaps. 

We don't promote the use of drugs; no drug is 100% safe. However, we firmly believe in harm reduction practices, should a user choose to consume a substance. It's vital to be safe and test the drugs, before ingesting them.