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  • Are drug test kits legal?

Yes! Reagent test kits, unlike drugs, are a harm reduction product and the drug policy hasn't deemed them as illegal. It's legal to buy, use, possess and sell drug testing kits because they are an effective safety product and a harm reduction tool. 

  • Do you mean drugs are safe then?
We do not advocate drug/substance use or abuse. Our main objective is to spread information on harm reduction resources available and empower the users with the tools, so that if they decide to use drugs, they can do so relatively safely, and so, reduce harm. The goal of harm reduction practices such as drug testing is to base your decision on facts and not judgement :) 
  • How do you ensure customer privacy and safety?

Even though test kits aren't illegal, to be on the safe side and ensure customer privacy, we ensure that the products are packaged in a discreet packaging, there is no mention of test kits or drug test kits on the package or the invoice. Furthermore, even the reagent name is abbreviated on the bottles, such as Mq, Me, etc. We are fully transparent about the user data which is collected on the website and that such data is only used for the purpose of processing the order. You can order safely and with confidence!

  • Where do you ship the test kits from?

We have an edge and ship our products domestically right from NCR, India! With this, we ensure the transit time for the shipment is very short. In most cases you'd receive the product in 2 to 3 days for metro cities, and in 1-2 days for Delhi NCR region. 

  • I've never used a test kit, is it easy to use?

You don't need any special skills to use the drug test kits; you just need to be careful handling the reagents and wear gloves, if possible. The test kit comes with an instructions card and a colour reaction chart for you to interpret results. Furthermore, we are available everyday and for almost throughout the day to answer queries through various channels. 

  • How do I reach out should I need any help?

We are available on Messenger, TelegramEmail, and on Instagram. We are also active on Reddit and on the subreddit r/reagenttesting, so you can find us there too. You can contact us here as well.

  • How do you ship the package?

We choose the fastest and the safest shipping method, and its through speed/priority post or private courier. The package would reach you in 2 to 3 days for metro cities. For non-metro cities it could take 3 to 4 days to reach you. For orders received before 1 PM IST, the package is sent out the same day, and for the rest, the next day. 

  • How accurate are the test kits?

Reagent test kits are presumptive drug identification tests which detect the "presence" of a drug and/or an adulterant or unexpected drug in a sample of the substance. These tests are not quantitative nature; they don't provide the tester with a percentage purity level.

In other words, these are substance detection/check reagent kits and not purity test kits. For checking purity, one needs to send a sample to a specialized lab. 

However, the tests accurately confirms if the expected drug is present in the sample, and not a substance that's more harmful than the expected drug. It also correctly informs the user if a harmful adulterant is present in the substance so that the user can make an informed decision, and practice harm reduction. 

Check out this comprehensive resource on drug testing by erowid.org

  • How do I interpret the results of the tests?

The drug test kits are reagents that perform a colorimetric analysis on a substance; this means the drug testing reagents react with a colour change when they come in contact with a drug sample. The results are based on the colour change or series of colour changes which occur on the substance. We provide users comprehensive information along with the test kit package on how to interpret the different colour changes, and we also have an exhaustive colour chart on the website which has this information. If tests are inconclusive or users aren't able to understand the results, feel free to contact us or post the query on Reddit's sub-reddit r/reagenttesting where we are active as well, and answer user queries. 

  • Any precautions to be taken while handling the drug testing reagents?

Wear gloves, preferably. Conduct the test in a well-lit area. Use only a ceramic surface for testing. Reagents are mostly made of concentrated acid and as such are corrosive in nature; do not allow them to come in contact with the skin! If this happens, promptly wash the area with soap and water. When the test is done, optionally pour baking soda over the sample and flush it in the sink. 

  • How many tests can the reagent kit perform?

The big size bottle can perform about 120 tests, the smaller size one can perform 60. Each test consumes only 1 drop of reagent. Therefore, the bigger bottle has about 120 drops of volume and the smaller one has 60 drops. 

  • What's the shelf life of the test kits?

The drug test kits last an over a year when kept refrigerated. The Mandelin reagent has a slightly lesser shelf life as compared to the other reagents, hence it's important to keep this in the refrigerator.  

  • Do you accept returns/exchange?

Only if the item is received in a damaged condition, we would consider an exchange with a reshipment of the same reagent(s). The customer should inform us about the damage as soon as possible and with a picture of the product on our email hello@dopetestkit.co.in. We would be glad to send out a new bottle ASAP. For a damaged bottle the customer need not send the package back to us; a proof of the damage is all we need. 

  • The product I want isn't listed

Feel free to let us know and we will be glad to check if there's a way we could arrange to stock the same. 

  • I'm confused; which drug test kit should I buy?

Feel free to drop us a line/text/message on any of the communication channels, and we will guide you per your requirement. The reagents required for a particular substance are also listed under each drug name, the menu for which you can find in the left hand drop-down.

  • Where are the drug test kits manufactured?
The test kits are made in and sourced from the United States. One of the main objectives of Dope Test Kit is to make affordable drug test kits easily accessible, available and quickly to the customers.