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Drug Testing Instructions

1. Prepare your sample by cutting out a small portion of your blot/tab (about 1/16 of the blot) OR by finely crushing your crystal/powder/pill.

2. Place it on a ceramic surface such as ceramic testing plate or on the back of a ceramic mug/cup.

3. Gather a camera/mobile phone to record the test result.

4. Take the reagent and add 1 drop of the reagent on the sample; do not touch the sample with the nozzle. Replace the bottle cap promptly.

5. Observe and record the color change reaction of the sample. No color change within 5 minutes means the sample doesn't contain the expected substance (DMT, LSD, analogues, etc.), OR even if the color changes to an unexpected one. For example - a yellow reaction to a sample sold as Methamphetamine confirms that the sample contains the said drug. However, a change a yellow colour change for a sample of speed indicates the presence of crystal meth.

6. Optional: neutralize the sample with baking soda and flush it in a sink.

CAUTION: Reagents are mostly concentrated acid and are corrosive. Please handle the test kits with care. If a reagent comes in contact with skin, wash with soap and water immediately.