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LSD Colour Reaction Chart

LSD is tested using Ehrlich and Hofmann as the primary reagents; Marquis and Mecke are only used when LSD isn't detected in the first two tests and the results are inconclusive. Following is a simplified chart of the most common colour reactions for the 4 reagents with LSD

The sequence of using the LSD reagents is Ehrlich, Hofmann and then Marquis and Mecke. 

  • The Ehrlich reagent turns pinkish to purple with a positive LSD/LSD analogue sample. 
  • The Hofmann reagent changes to a blue colour with a positive LSD-25 sample. 
  • The Marquis and Mecke reagents shouldn't change any colours if there isn't a presence of the dangerous NBOMe. Please note that since Marquis and Mecke reagents are highly corrosive, paper charcoaling is normal and shouldn't be interpreted as a reaction. 

This chart is included with every reagent test kit that you buy from us!

LSD colour reaction chart