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Marquis Reagent Test Demo Video

We tested an unknown sample using the Marquis reagent. You can see in the video the colour of the sample turns from orange to dark orange, indicating the presence of amphetamines or an analogue. You can see the various colour reactions in the colour reaction chart.

Other colour reactions for the Marquis reagent would include yellow for cathinones, dark purple to black for MDMA and no colour reaction for Cocaine and Ketamine. 

Marquis is a very versatile reagent and hence can be used across a number of drugs and even to rule our dangerous substances. Example, this reagent can be applied to an LSD sample and a bright colour reaction would indicate the presence of NBOMe. 

We include the Marquis reagent in our MDMA, LSD, 2C-B, Amphetamines, Cocaine and DMT test kits. All our dual and triple reagents test kits come at a discounted price!