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Cocaine Dual Reagent Test Kit

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What is the Cocaine test kit?

Cocaine is tested using multiple reagents as it helps in ruling out various adulterants. Here's the order of testing with the two reagents.

Liebermann - Is the primary reagent to detect presence of cocaine. If the sample turns yellow its a positive result. However, even if the sample turns orange but Marquis (explained below) does not react, presence of methamphetamine/amphetamine can be ruled out. 

Marquis - If the sample contains cocaine, marquis wouldn't react with a color change. If it does change color, it means sample could contain meth/amphetamine or even heroin (although unlikely in cocaine).  

Why trust dealers & vendors when you can test your own drugs? Leave out the guesswork and ensure you don't get a bunk product!

What you get?

  • 2 Reagent bottles with over 100 tests (lasts over a year)
  • Instructions card
  • Free spot test plate
  • Colour reaction chart