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Complete 3-In-1 Drug Test Kit

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What is the complete reagent test kit?

The complete 3-in-1 drug test kit contains 3 reagents - Marquis, Liebermann and Mandelin, available at an attractive discounted price!

Why should you own the complete reagent test kit?

Drug testing requires multiple reagents to improve the accuracy and for a conclusive test result. For example, to conclude if a sample contains MDMA/MDA and not an adulterant like methamphetamine or opioids, you'd need the Mecke reagent as well, in addition to the Marquis reagent. 

For MDMA detection, Marquis alone would indicate a very broad result, as such that it'll not be able to ascertain if the sample contains MDMA or an analogue like MDxx/MDA.

For certain tests, which show an inconclusive or unexpected result, you need additional reagents as secondary tests to accurately ascertain if the expected drug is present in the sample.

This usually is the case when a reagent doesn't react as expected or has no reaction. For example, if Ehrlich and Hofmann tests do not react with LSD, that's inconclusive and you'd need to use the Marquis and Mecke drug tests as well.

The complete drug test kit is a comprehensive set of reagents to test multiple drugs at just Rs. 14 per test!

What you get?

  • 3 Reagent bottles with over 100 tests each (lasts over a year)
  • Instructions card
  • Free spot test plate
  • Colour reaction chart