Ehrlich Reagent Test Kit for LSD

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What's the Ehrlich reagent?

This is the primary test for identifying LSD, it's analogues (such as ALD-52 and 1P-LSD) and also DMT. It's used to positively identify indoles (like LSD) and tryptamines (like DMT).

Why do you need it?

It also helps to rule out harmful adulterants such as NBOMe (with no color reaction). This is because it’s uncommon for a tab to contain both LSD and NBOMe. The main reason why manufacturers replace LSD with NBOMe is because it costs a lot cheaper. 

Ehrlich reagent is light yellow in colour and reacts in approximately 2 minutes if the blotter sample contains LSD.

    Every shipment is sent in a plain packaging with no mention of drugs/substances.


    Reagents can only determine the presence, not quantity or purity, of a substance. A positive or negative reaction for a substance does not mean that a substance is safe. No substance is 100% safe. This product is for harm reduction purposes and for identification.

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      Number of Tests 1 single-use test
      Test Type Spot drug test (colorimetric)
      Bottle Type

      Glass ampoule 

      Storage Conditions

      At room temperature

      Shelf Life Best before date as mentioned on each pack (about 2 years)
      Package Contents

      Reagent ampoule, micro spatula, colorimetric chart and instructions

      Country of origin


      Month of import March 2022