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Mandelin Reagent Test Kit

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What's the Mandelin reagent test kit?

Mandelin is a unique reagent which in itself is yellow in colour, and unlike Marquis it's capable of identifying Ket and PMA/PMMA (the harmful adulterant, often times found in MDMA). It can also identify other substances such as Crystal Meth and Cocaine.

The Mandelin reagent has a natural sediment in it and you should shake the bottle before use. This reagent degrades over time and turns green especially if not refrigerated, hence it's advisable to refrigerate it to prolong shelf life.

It's best to use Mandelin with other reagents for greater accuracy of the test.

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What you get?

  • Reagent bottle with over 100 tests (lasts over a year)
  • Instructions card
  • Free spot test plate
  • Colour reaction chart