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Marquis Reagent Test Kit

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What is the Marquis Reagent Test Kit?

The Marquis is our most popular reagent to test drugs like MDMA, Meth, Heroin, 2C-B, Cocaine, etc. It's a versatile reagent with a wide application.

Why Should You Get the Marquis Reagent Test Kit?

Since this reagent is used for  many different types of substances, it can be used to rule out harmful adulterants from your drugs or positively identify the expected drug. 

This reagent is widely used in identifying substances such as MDMA, Ecstasy, 2C-B, Opioids, etc. 

Marquis Reagent Sample Test


marquis reagent sample test


An excellent application of the Marquis reagent is in identifying the presence of NBOMe. LSD is often sold disguised as NBOMe and consuming NBOMe can lead to a bad/unpredictable experience or can be dangerous as well.

If the reagent reacts with a color change when used on a blotter, it means the blotter isn't safe to consume and contains NBOMe or another substance but not LSD/LSD analogues.

When buying the Ehrlich reagent, consider buying this reagent as well.

The 5ml bottle contains enough reagent for 75-100 tests.

What is included?

  • Marquis reagent bottle
  • Safety gloves
  • Instructions

Every test kit ships in plain packaging with no mention of drugs/substances.




Reagents only determine the presence, not the quantity or quality of a drug. A positive or negative reaction to a substance sample does not indicate a drug is necessarily safe. No drug is 100% safe. This product is for harm reduction and substance identification purposes only.

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