MDMA/Ecstasy Purity Test Kit

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What's the MDMA/Ecstasy Purity Test Kit?

This is a semi-quantitative test to approximate the purity level of MDMA and Ecstasy. The test doesn't indicate purity as a percentage, however, according to the intensity of the colour reaction, the purity of the substance can be identified.

Why should you get the MDMA purity test?

While sending your drug sample to a lab equipped with GC/MS is the best way to accurately determine the level of purity of a substance in terms of a percentage, it's not feasible.

How do you use this test?

This test is slightly different in the way the test is performed.

  • About 20 mg of the MDMA sample is inserted in the ampoule.
  • The colour reaction is noted and matched with the colorimetric chart after 5 minutes.
  • The ampoule is to be shaken and the colour reaction is to be noted again after 30 minutes.
  • The darker the colour reaction, the higher is the purity

Note: This test is not for determining presence of MDMA. Therefore, to identify MDMA in a sample, you must use the Marquis reagent first.

What do you get?

  • Reagent ampoule
  • Micro spatula for the sample
  • Instructions card
  • Colour reaction chart
Number of Tests 1 single-use test
Test Type Spot drug test (colorimetric)
Bottle Type

Glass ampoule 

Storage Conditions

At room temperature

Shelf Life Best before date as mentioned on each pack (about 2 years)
Package Contents

Reagent ampoule, micro spatula, colorimetric chart and instructions

Country of origin


Month of import March 2022