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MDMA/Ecstasy Test Kit

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What is the MDMA/Ecstasy Reagent Test Kit?

The MDMA/Ecstasy  reagent test kit contains the Marquis reagent. This is used to confirm the presence of MDMA and similar substances such as MDA, 5-MAPB,  6-APB, MDxx. It rules out less desirable substances such as crystal meth, cathinones, heroin, etc.

Why should you get the MDMA Test Kit?

The Marquis reagent is versatile and our most popular reagent. This test kit can be used for other substances such as LSD, Cocaine, Crystal Meth, 2C-B, etc.  as well.

Each reagent bottle can perform 75-100 tests.

Number of Tests 50 - 75
Test Type Spot drug test (colorimetric)
Bottle Type

Dropper bottle

Storage Conditions Refrigerator for prolonged shelf life
Shelf Life 1 year
Package Contents

Reagent bottle, free sticker, free adulterant test strip, Instructions booklet

Country of origin


Month of import August 2022