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What's the MDMA/PMA drug test kit?

This test kit is specifically designed to detect the adulterant and harmful substance PMA/PMMA in MDMA and Ecstacy. MDMA is often cut with these adulterants which can lead to an unpleasant experience and even death.

This MDMA test kit also confirms the presence or absence of MDMA or Ecstasy. In the scenario, the sample is not MDMA but instead PMA/PMMA, the test confirms that as well. 

Why should you buy this test kit?

The Marquis reagent is designed to identify MDMA, however, it does not rule out the presence of PMA/PMMA. For accurate testing of MDMA, you need to also use this test kit. This test kit is good to identify MDMA as well as ruling out PMA in a sample. 

Test Result Interpretation

A purple to brown colour change indicates the presence of PMA/PMMA and a purple to black colour change indicates the presence of MDMA/Ecstasy. Any other colour reaction indicates the drug is unknown and should not be consumed. 


Each disposable reagent ampoule can perform up to three tests. Results in a couple of minutes. 

Package includes 

  • Reagent ampoule
  • Micro spatula for the sample
  • Instructions card
  • Colour reaction chart

Why buy from us?

    Save yourself the hassle of importing test kits and paying extra for expensive shipping and import costs. Take advantage of domestic supply along with fast customer support. Always here to help with any testing-related queries (24x7, almost always).

    All products are shipped in plain packaging with no mention of drugs/substances.


    Reagents can only determine a substance's presence, not quantity or purity. A positive or negative reaction to a substance does not mean that a substance is safe. No substance is 100% safe. This product is for harm reduction and for substance identification purposes.