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Meth/Amphetamine Dual Reagent Test Kit

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What's the Meth/Amphetamine Dual Reagent Test Kit?

Methamphetamine (aka Crystal Meth) and Amphetamine (Speed) is tested using 2 reagents for increased accuracy.

Marquis - If the sample contains methamphetamine OR amphetamine, with this reagent, the color will change to orange in less than 30 seconds, however the time can vary also depending on the sample size. 

Mecke - Using this reagent one can determine if the sample contains either Methamphetamine or Amphetamine; it provides a clear distinction between amphetamine and methamphetamine. If the sample color changes to yellow, the substance contains methamphetamine and if there's no color change, it's amphetamine. 

Why trust dealers & vendors when you can test your own drugs? Leave out the guesswork and ensure you don't get a bunk product!

Get the Meth/Amphetamine test kit today!

What you get?

  • 2 Reagent bottles with over 100 tests (lasts over a year)
  • Instruction card
  • Free spot test plate
  • Colour reaction charts