PMA/PMMA Drug Test Kit for MDMA

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What's the PMA/PMMA drug test kit?

This test kit is specifically designed to detect the adulterant and harmful substance PMA/PMMA in MDMA and Ecstacy. MDMA is often cut with these adulterants which can lead to an unpleasant experience and even death.

Why should you buy this test kit?

The Marquis reagent is designed to identify MDMA, however it does not rule out the presence of PMA/PMMA. For accurate testing of MDMA, you need to also use this test kit.

Result interpretation

A purple to brown colour change indicates presence of PMA/PMMA and a purple to black colour change indicates no presence of PMA/PMMA and only the presence of MDMA.

Each single-use disposable reagent ampoule can perform one test. Very easy to handle the drug sample and reagent.

What do you get?

  • Reagent ampoule
  • Micro spatula for the sample
  • Instructions card
  • Colour reaction chart

Number of Tests 1 single-use test
Test Type Spot drug test (colorimetric)
Bottle Type

Glass ampoule 

Storage Conditions

At room temperature

Shelf Life Best before date as mentioned on each pack (about 2 years)
Package Contents

Reagent ampoule, micro spatula, colorimetric chart and instructions

Country of origin


Month of import March 2022