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Spot Testing Plate

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This spot testing plate is perfect to pair with your drug test kit to test the substance. The 12 depressions testing plate is a great tool to observe the colour reaction as it's pure white in colour and makes it easier to interpret the colour change. 

It gives the tester a clean, safe and accurate testing experience without having to worry about applying the reagent on bowls/dishes or be concerned about reagent spills. A must buy at this affordable price. 

  • Easy to clean (just use water to wash)
  • Perform multiple tests at the same time
  • Spill proof
  • Enhances safety of drug testing
  • No wastage of drug sample
  • Compact and light weight
  • Tough porcelain material ensures no breakage
Number of Tests 1 single-use test
Test Type Spot drug test (colorimetric)
Bottle Type

Glass ampoule 

Storage Conditions

At room temperature

Shelf Life Best before date as mentioned on each pack (about 2 years)
Package Contents

Reagent ampoule, micro spatula, colorimetric chart and instructions

Country of origin


Manufacturer NarcoCheck
Month of import March 2022